Monday, 11 January 2010

Yet another snowy day...

Well, the kids are off school yet again and I am snowed in yet again, starting to go a bit stir crazy now.

Seriously staring to run out of fabrics now, other than scraps and sample fabrics my interior designer friend has given me.  I had a small jelly roll which I made up yesterday into a garden trellis pattern but I have no  fabric for the borders or binding and I so wanted to get today to get some and some fabric for another project.  I try not to buy fabric unless it is for a specific project and I have finished all my UFOs so am a bit stuck!  This is when it is a problem living out in the middle of nowhere!

The kids are being brilliant, they are playing together really nicely and not fighting - I wonder how long this will last!

Well I shall get on with a couple of small things and pray for warmer weather!  Maybe the postman will get through and bring me some of the fabric I have ordered.


  1. I really love your garden trellis pattern. It is so calming to look at. I am real fond of blue. We have had 12 inches of snow here in Kansas in the last week and a half. Also frigid temps of single digits and negative degrees.

  2. Sounds a lot like here! It hasn't gone above 0 for two weeks which is pretty unusual. Thank you for your comments.



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