Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Simply Solids is back!

Finally we are back up and running again!

We have had the all clear from Google and our new security firm Sucuri.

The site is more secure than ever and I want to reassure you that no customer details were ever taken and all payment information is taken by paypal and never enters our site.

I have completely rebuilt the site so please let me know if anything is missing!  I am yet to add the clearance fabrics but they will follow soon.

The whole episode has been a nightmare, I feel so violated and it has taken so long to sort out to make sure that all is safe and secure.

Please come and check the new site out and let me know if it is ok.  You may have to empty your cache as browsers sometimes store old pages.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers for your support over this difficult time.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The wonderful and über talented Kitchen Guild

I am so lucky to have such amazing friends!!

Once a month at Lynne's (lilysquilts) the Kitchen Guild meets, we don't do much sewing but we don't half talk about it and everything else under the sun.
The group usually consists of Lynne (lilysquilts), Brioni (flossybossy), Katy (imagingermonkey), Justine (sewjustinesew) and Laura (needlespinsandbakingtins) and me. We always have a perfect day and today was made even more perfect by the addition of two extra members, Amanda (scissorsandthread) and Lucy (charmaboutyou) plus the fact that everyone brought me presents as it was my birthday last week. Did I mention how wonderful these ladies are and how much I love them?! Well they are and I do.

Laura who has got into embroidery big time ever since Aneela Hooey's workshop at the FQ retreat made me this gorgeous hanging in my favourite colours (blue and green) with a cute little bunny as we have two!

Katy made me this mammoth boyfriend pillow! It is gorgeous just
Iike everything she makes and has taken pride of place on my bed, dh won't be too happy!

Brioni gave me goodie bag of pressies in a fab little basket, the cutest ever mug rug, mug, colouring pencils and a luggage tag kit which Freya made up as soon as she got home from school!

Justine made me a fabulous and funky cushion with loads of my fave Melody Miller fabrics, she knew I loved it as she started it at retreat and I was oohing and aahing over it then :) She was also overachiever of the week as she made us all (except katy who obviously wasn't deserving enough) an embroidered hanging to commemorate the FQ retreat.

Amanda got me the most darling thread scissors which I can attach to my machine! I like to imagine that's me as a masked avenger!

Last but not least Lynne made me a signature lilysquilts handbag with of course a Union Jack on the front...

A fab pocket on the back and all made from Mama said Sew - woo hoo!

How is that for an amazing haul of pressies!! I told you they were a talented and lovely bunch! Thank you sooooooooooooo much!

Mandy xx

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Monday, 11 June 2012


Just in case you hadn't noticed, the link to isn't working at the moment. This is just an issue with the address not the site. You can go direct to our NEW website at which is all fine and waiting for your visit!

Thanks for your patience.

Website Problems

We have just redeveloped the site and the server has messed up our redirect, it should be sorted today but in the mean time you can access the website on:



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