Saturday, 16 January 2010

Results of Friday Night Sew-in

Here are the results from my Friday Night Sew-in,  I decided instead of my appliqué to complete my crazy scrap lap quilt.  It is oh so soft and snuggly with it's Minky backing!  I will spend this evening snuggled up with it and maybe I will do my appliqué then.

On another note, my fitness regime and diet start today!  I had ordered a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas but they were out of stock and I finally got my delivery today.  I need to lose 1 st 5 lbs to be my ideal weight, we shall see how it goes, but I have certainly had fun playing with the kids on it today.  We have been skiing, hula hooping etc..


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have yet to work with Minky...maybe someday.

    On another note, I love Wii Fit Plus--the flapping of my arms was just too funny to watch! The audience was in tears! Tried that game yet?

  2. Yes, and my arms are aching like mad!!!

  3. Just love your quilt, especially with the minky on the back. I could not do the Friday Nite sew-in cause I had to work. Maybe next time. I am looking into the Wii fit also. Sounds like fun activity. I am sure my sons would think I am hilarious.

  4. Love it - you finished a quilt - I only just started one!.

  5. Love your quilt. Nice to see someone working with darker colors.

    We got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas. You'll love it :)

  6. Love you crazy patch quilt.. also love Wii fit.. I haven't tried the arm flapping one yet... which one is it...????
    Oh Friday night sew in was a lot of fun...

    Cath Ü

  7. So sorry, that was actually on our other new game, Wii Sports Resort. Sorry for the confusion. I played so many one day and haven't touched them since. My bad.


  8. There is a flapping one on Fit Plus, you have to fly to different landing pads. Thank you for all your kind comments

  9. Very cute crazy quilt...have always wanted to attempt one. Great fun with the Sew-In.



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