Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Our Snow Day take two

We got snowed in today, the snow only started at 7.30 but it came down on what we already had and the school decided to close 5 minutes before we were to leave the house.  Needless to say the children were ecstatic!  Saying that they complained bitterly about walking the dog, eventually we managed to leave the house and trudged around the village which was looking absolutely gorgeous.  We are very lucky that our village is not on a through route to anywhere so the roads were deserted and we could wander around without the dog on a lead.  We met up with friends and planned a sledging trip, there is a fantastic sledging hill in the village.  The girls later changed their minds but Jamie went off with friends and spent the afternoon out there.  The video is actually from Saturday, we have had loads more snow since then and it is still coming down steadily so probably no school again tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon sewing with Freya (she got her own sewing machine for Christmas) she made a little handbag and I made some curtains for the living room and a crazy patchwork wallet to go with my bag I made the other day.  I shall photograph and post them in a bit.  All in all it was a lovely day.

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