Friday, 22 January 2010

Potholder Pass

Feeling pretty miserable, the baby bunny made it through the night but we have not managed to get it to feed again.  It seems to have plenty of energy but no milk is forthcoming from mum.  She really has no maternal skills whatsoever and I am afraid her milk has dried up.  It is breaking my heart, poor little thing.  We will try again later and pray that mum will produce some milk.

Here are my finished tops for the Potholder Pass, I really hope my swapee likes them!  I have used her favourite colours with a bit of blue to contrast with the orange.


  1. The blocks look great. I really like the colour combo.

  2. Cute blocks.

    Poor bunny! I bet a pet store would have 'milk' that you could give to it if mommy bunny isn't up to the job.



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