Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Crazy Quilt Bits

Well the kids were off school again today and we had a totally slobby day, in fact we stayed in our pyjamas all day!!  I had promised Freya that I would make her a needle case to go with her sewing kit so decided to do a bit of crazy quilting using up my endless scraps.  It is rather fetching in pinks and reds with various machine embroidery stitches which Freya chose; hearts, flowers, turtles etc..  I used a ribbon binding which wasn't too successful but Freya was delighted with it.



The wallet that I made yesterday to go with my handbag and pin cushion, really making the most of my fat quarters, I will use every last scrap!!  I also labelled some of my quilts today a job that I have been meaning to do for ages.  Just need to decide what to do tomorrow!

We had a bit of a shock this morning, when my husband went to the bottom of the hill to get his car this morning, it was missing!  Normally we have no crime where we live, in fact we have the second lowest crime rate in England so it really was a shock.  Lewis followed the tracks in the snow and found the car dumped around the corner.  He had left it in low ratio and we presume they thought it was broken!!  The big house across the road had cctv cameras and the theft was caught on video and we had a soco team over - all very exciting for our tiny Peak District village - it even made the village blog.  Hoping for much less eventful day tomorrow, what would we do if we lived in a city!

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  1. Oh, was it Lewis's? Sorry to hear about that - must have been a nasty shock.



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