Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sewn Together Bee December Blocks

Yes, I know I have already posted January's blocks, but I misplaced my December fabric in the Christmas mayhem.  KnittinBrit has been very patient while I rooted around and eventually found said fabrics!!  They were hiding under hubbie's bedside table of all places!  Why I put them there I do not know and probably never will!

I needed to be around the house today so decided to try out my Singer Featherweight, I have had this baby since October but it was supposed to be a Christmas present from hubbie so haven't used it up till now.

I was a little concerned initially when there was a bit of smoke coming out, but it wasn't hot and as I had been rather liberal with the baby oil when I cleaned it I carried on and it was fine!  In fact it sewed like a dream, perfect straight stitches and tension and sooooo pretty!

Sitting pretty
The blocks were nice and straight forward, I don't normally like batiks but the colours with these are so rich and I am very keen on orange and dark purple at the moment that I think they look rather lovely.

Two down, two to go...
I still have another two to do tomorrow but they are quick to put together and should go out in the post by the weekend.

It does seem strange sewing at home after so much time at the studio but it does have the added benefit of my little helper ....

What is it with cats, they just have to put their paws on the fabric and be right in there!


  1. I don't know what is with cats and fabric. My cat Jack, looks just like your cat and he loves to be right in my business (as do the other 4).

  2. loving that machine - how beautiful! my cat used to be right in there too ... it's odd not having one now, but it's kind of nice not to have the cat hair ... I just have thread snips instead LOL

    Mandy, what's the Kona pepper like? is it almost black or is it a sexy sultry grey?

  3. Well I'm glad the smoking ceased! =) I like the blocks...though the furry friend would have me sneezing immediately. =)

  4. Lovely Singer! Just mention to the hubby (either mine or yours!!) that I'd like one will you!!



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