Sunday, 12 September 2010

Going back in time...

My husband is an artist and he had been invited to exhibit his work in an Alumni Exhibition celebrating 125 Years of Birmingham Instititue of Art and Design at Margaret Street.  Last night was the private view so Lewis and I went and met up with a couple of friends including our bezzie mate Pete who was responsible for introducing us over 20 years ago!  We hadn't been back to Margaret Street for 18 years so it was a real trip down memory lane.
The beautiful building that is Margaret Street!

Me on the right with Pete and Christelle.

Mucking about on the stairs!

Me standing in the space where there was a painting of me hanging in Lewis's degree show in 1992 (oh so long ago!!!)

Lewis's painting far left (Pete escaping from the frame!)

Check out Lewis's site, it is pretty amazing and I am very proud of him!

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