Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Potholder Pass 5 and Bee Block

I am off to Spain for a few days so have clearing out my to do list for October...

First some Christmas potholders for Potholder Pass 5...

We also had to make an ornament as an extra...

Finally my block for elsiesgirl, the October block for the Fresh Modern Bee.

What a fiddly block!
Mandy xx

Location:Creamery Ln,,United Kingdom


  1. The potholders are so adorable! I love your ornament and block too! Have fun in Spain!

  2. Lovin that block! Does it have a name or pattern somewhere?

  3. I love them!
    I have my star stuff all cut out but havent started putting it together yet. Maybe today....my quilting motivation has left the building.



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