Sunday, 15 August 2010

Trip to Bristol and Classic American Quilt Exhibition

Warning - this post contains an awful lot of pictures!

This weekend I took the kids down to Bristol to visit my dad and stepmother, we had an amazing time despite the awful weather! This weekend the Balloon Fiesta is on and on Friday we strolled over the Clifton suspension bridge to watch 100 balloons take off.

I had a play with the hipstamatic app on my iphone, who takes pretty cool pictures!
We haven't actually gone back in time!
At the fiesta Jamie had fun in one of these ...
We sat for a while and watched five balloons inflate, 
and deflate again :(
But never mind we had fun at the fun fair, and five balloons was still pretty cool.

On Saturday my dad and Suzanne took the kids off and I went to Bath for the day to go see the Classic American Quilt Exhibition at the American Museum.  Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures so here are a couple from the book, they haven't come out very well so I won't post too many.

The exhibition was fantastic as were their quilts on general display, there were several Amish quilts (see below) and one Gees Bend, some stunning log cabins (see above) and they were all beautifully displayed.  I was disappointed not to see more slave quilts, in fact there was very little about slavery in the museum at all.  Years ago I had seen an exhibition of slave quilts in Atlanta, which was amazing and this what had inspired and interested me in quilting in the first place.

I managed to spend four hours at the museum including quite a while in the shop!
I picked up some cute things, some of which will be going to my swap partner in the Modern Swappers swap.

On the way back to Bristol I happened to note a fabric shop - oh what a shocker!
They had some lovely Nicey Jane so I had to buy some for my stash...

Some Verna to go as backing with my Verna Jelly Roll...

and a few more FQs from the fabulous Amy Butler.

I am now on a fabric diet!!  Except for my shop of course! Hmm, actually the diet starts after the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham next week!


  1. I am going to Bath American museum in a couple of week- reading this I am looking forward to it even more!

  2. haha. Fabric diet AFTER the Festival of Quilts. me too. though I promised my partner ages ago I would stop buying fabric. that was BEFORE I ordered all that lovely fabric from you. :) psssst! but I am looking forward to Birmingham. Shame I won't see you there as I am going on the Thursday.

  3. I haven't been to the American Museum at Bath for ages! This reminded me it's time to go again - thanks
    PS where was the shop you found? is it one I've missed????

  4. Glad you had a good weekend - I live in Bath and only visited the museum for the first time a few weeks ago. If anyone is thinking of going they should go this year (I think it closes for the winter in October) as there is a special exhibition with extra quilts on this year only.
    I am going to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday too - I am really excited as I haven't been before.

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  6. Thanks for telling us about this. Quilts look great. Love the Nicey Jane. I want some too!



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