Thursday, 15 July 2010

Catching up on my bees

I actually got to do some sewing last night and today and have been catching up on my July bee commitments.

Firstly my block for Karrie-Lynn - Fresh Modern Bee.
We had to choose a half square triangle block for the sampler quilt she is creating.  It took me forever to choose a block, then decide on my colour layout, but got there eventually and I think it has come together quite well.  The fabrics were Make Life by Sweetwater for Moda which are gorgeous, so I needed to them justice.

Here is the block dry stone walling . . .

Next I finished my blocks for the Sewn Together Bee, July is Hollie's month and she is making a quilt for her fiancĂ©e so she has chosen "manly" fabrics!  I started these blocks on Saturday but had a bad sewing day and couldn't finish them.  My zig zag was puckering and no matter what I did I couldn't sort the tension, I ended up tinkering with my sewing machine and in a foul mood! Yesterday was far more successful and I finished them really quickly.

Now I just need to finish my swaps and I can sew something for me.  I recently got City Quilts and Cherri's Tempest pattern and am dying to have a go with some of my solids from the shop.  City Quilts is a fabulous book, I would highly recommend it!


  1. Sorry my "manly" blocks didn't agree with your machine but I am glad you got the tension sorted out. It's the worst when the tension is off on your machine. How frustrating! I am so happy with the way the blocks turned out! I can't wait to see them in person! Thank you so much for helping me make this quilt!

  2. I'm getting ready to make one of Cherry's city quilts and will be ordering some fabric from you on payday!



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