Friday, 25 June 2010

New Wave

I had a really productive day yesterday and made a whole quilt top!!!

I have been wanting to make a New Wave quilt since first seeing the design by Oh Fransson and cut into some Timber and Medium Gray Kona from my shop. I know it is really to sell but I love it so! I am so pleased with it, so so pretty.

I have got some time today, so will get started on the quilting, my favourite bit! Must walk the dog first, so better get going!

Mandy xx


  1. Mandy - it's absolutely beautiful. Another one to add to my list I think!

  2. That quilt top looks gorgeous doesn't it? I might add it to my to do list as well!! Justine xx

  3. Did you see the one that Film in the Fridge did with Casle Peeps? Very cool.
    I havent tried this yet, did you use the ruler? I just love these!

  4. I love this quilt!

    I have brought the pattern, and plan to use Saffron Craig Forest Elements fabric along with a white Kona I brought from you, the only problem is I need to figure out how to alter the pattern so I can have a central panel in the middle as there is no way I am cutting my moose panel!

  5. love it. would really like to try this pattern using the Timber Berry fabric. any idea whether you'll get that in the shop?

  6. or some of the browns maybe?



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